Names and Faces: Frito and Katy

Published: May. 3, 2018 at 8:51 AM CDT
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If you listen to the radio during your morning routine, odds are you know the voices of Tucker Young and Katy Dempsey--better known as Frito and Katy.

The pair started their radio careers early in life.

Young had an interest in radio so young that he didn't think of it as a career at first.

"I started here in Bryan/College Station when I was in high school, and you didn't start long after that," Young said, gesturing to Dempsey.

"I started in college and then did some work in Washington, D.C., some work in Houston, and then ended up here," Dempsey said.

Young grew up in the Brazos Valley and had a lot of support from family early on.

"Growing up in BCS was a great experience; I had lots of family around so it’s always felt like home," he said. "I still have my family in town, which is an amazing luxury to have."

Last year, Young decided to take a break from radio, but came back with new appreciation for what he does.

"The cool thing about doing another job for a little while is you learn a lot and you learn some new perspective and kind of what you used to do," Young said. "It allows you to come back and look at it from a fresh perspective. It's been really fun being back."

Dempsey has traveled around a bit during her career, but in the last seven years has made Bryan/College Station her home.

"I honestly thought when I came here I'd work here for about two or three years and I would go somewhere else," said Dempsey. "And the two years came and went, and now I got a house and a husband...not leaving anytime soon."

Dempsey credits her husband for the support he provides.

"He comes to every event to cheer me on and acts as my fifth alarm clock in the mornings if I'm sleeping in too late" said Dempsey. "He's also just a great sport, as he comes up on the show quite frequently. He says we are easily his second-favorite radio program."

And between Young and Dempsey, both have the same goal.

"Whether it's on or off the air, I just want to help make a difference," Dempsey said. "I'm a firm believer in giving back, and as this community has given me so much, it's really the least I could do."