Names and Faces: Gloria Kennard

Published: Nov. 2, 2017 at 5:25 PM CDT
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With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, News 3's Brenda Sims tells us about a woman that many in the Brazos Valley are thankful for.

Gloria Kennard has been serving the Brazos Valley Thanksgiving meals for nearly 3 decades. But, it's her enthusiasm and love for others that keeps people coming back for seconds.

The Jefferson Award recipient is best known for her Thanksgiving meal that she puts together every year.

"29 years ago I was sitting at home watching soap operas..doing nothing. I was just sitting there and something said 'you need to do something for the community'," Kennard said.

So Gloria and her husband Curtis started the Thanksgiving feast in their own home for the needy, the sick, or whoever needed a meal.

"So we made preparations. We were up for two nights getting everything cooked labeled and dated and making sure it had the right temperature," Kennard said. "The next day we got up. We just made a buffet line, and we had advertisement in the front yard. You'd be surprised at the people who came in."

That tradition continues today.

The meal is now served at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

But Gloria contributes a lot of the meal's success to her late husband who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

"The late Mr. Curtis Kennard passed away 2 years ago.. He would stay here and make dressing," she said. "He made very, very good dressing. Sometimes he would be up at night working on dressing and I'm asleep, because it's lots of work to that preparation. It's a lot of time, it's a lot of love, and it's a lot of effort."

Gloria also concentrates her effort on doing her best to help the community in other areas.

"Every Thursday and every first Friday I volunteer at the Bridge Ministries. It makes an impact on me."

"The Bible says that a person who don't work, don't eat. So if I got a meal, and if they're not working they're hungry...I feed them. Because I'm supposed to share with one another, that's what's it's all about," she said.