Names and Faces: Mitch Siegert

Published: Feb. 7, 2019 at 8:31 AM CST
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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that means Mitch Siegert with Truman Chocolates is getting really busy.

From humble beginnings in the Brazos Valley -- Siegert has always been in the spotlight.

"I was on the news once when I was like six or seven and that was such a big deal back then. I remember taping it and watching it back over with my friends," he said.

Siegert decided to go to culinary school and graduated with two degrees, but came home to start a chocolate business.

Every once in a while, Mitch has customers that come in looking for something that's not chocolate.

"Oh my gosh we get a lot of people like that! There's a mimosa flavor that tastes like a dreamscicle or a cinnamon one that tastes like a cinnamon's not just in-your-face dark chocolate," he said.

Truman's even performs some special deliveries.

"I had a call from someone in Iraq the night of Valentines. I had been up for so long and he wanted to get some chocolates to his wife. I said 'look I'll just take them over there when I leave here' and I did it. I didn't charge him for it. Doing that made me feel so good. He came in maybe two years later so excited and just real appreciative of it," he said.

And while he gets busy around holidays, Mitch says he's motivated by the reaction of his customers to his unique style of chocolate.