Names and Faces: Todd Carroll

Published: May. 19, 2017 at 5:33 PM CDT
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Todd Carroll has been a valued member of the KBTX staff for the last 4-decades..most recently in sales.

Now on the 60th anniversary KBTX, he is sharing with us his memories here.

Over the last 44 years, Carroll grew up alongside the station.

In 1973, he started in the production department when he was just 18.

"I've thought about it, and I've been really really lucky that I worked in television in television's heyday," Carroll said. "I sound like an old guy talking about it but it's really true."

In the early days, everything was shot on black and white film.

But it was Carroll who shot KBTX's very first color news story.

"There was a grass fire actually not too far from where I live now near Wellborn. I busted it trying to get there before they put the fire out because I wanted orange flames," said Carroll. "And I got there, got some fire stuff and brought it back. That was certainly a big deal, and I thought it was really cool."

Carroll grew up through the ranks at KBTX.

The station remained a constant in his life.

"I can remember when my dad passed away, I went to make the arrangements and everything and came to work. I can remember Jim Baronet saying 'you need to go home'...and I said 'no'", Carroll said.

It's that sense of family that's kept Carroll at KBTX and driven the station's service to the Brazos Valley.

He's a firm believer that local news can impact the community.

"I think that if KBTX can preserve that family-type connectivity that we've had over the years...and that we have today, it'll still be a really special place, " Carroll said.