Nate forces World Cup qualifier postponement

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MEXICO CITY (AP) - Damage caused by Tropical Storm Nate has prompted Costa Rican officials to postpone a World Cup qualifying soccer match between that country and Honduras, which had been scheduled for Friday night.

The president of the Costa Rican Football Federation says the game will now be played Saturday afternoon in San Jose, the Costa Rican capital.

The storm killed at least seven people across Costa Rica.

From the PinPoint Weather Team
Nate continues to churn in the Caribbean early Friday, gaining strength slightly as it moves northwest. The storm is expected to at least come close to the Yucatan Peninsula later today. It's interaction with land will play a role in the strength forecast of landfall in the Central Gulf Coast this weekend.

At the moment, the storm looks to be near Category 1 hurricane strength upon making landfall somewhere along the Louisiana to Mississippi coast, but a change in track is possible. At the moment, no major impact is expected for the state of Texas. We'll continue to track the storm for you.