National Safety Council: Preventable deaths on the rise in Texas

The National Safety Council has newly released data about preventable incidents or accidents.

- 170,000 people die each year in preventable incidents, or what are commonly known as "accidents"

- While longevity has improved, Americans are dying in completely preventable ways in higher numbers than at any other time in U.S. history.

- Preventable deaths trail only heart disease and cancer as the leading causes of death in the United States

- The leading causes of preventable, accidental death are drug overdoses, car crashes, falls, drownings, choking and fires

- In 2017, preventable deaths in Texas increased more than 2% from 2016, going from 10,536 to 10,763

- The top three causes of preventable death in Texas in 2017 were motor vehicle (3,892), poisoning (2,796) and falls (2,049)

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