Navasota voters to decide on school bond election

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NAVASOTA, Tex. (KBTX) - Navasota residents will be considering big changes to all of their schools this November.

The district is calling a bond election with two proposals worth more than $61 million dollars.

If approved it would mean some major upgrades for students.

The high school and junior highs are both in need of new roofs according to Superintendent Stu Musick.

Last month rains from Harvey caused problems at those campuses and an elementary school.

"That was part of the reason we had to delay classes a week and couldn't start until after Labor Day -- but we did have a lot of cleanup process from that, and some carpets that had to be torn out and drying up that we had to do. Especially on those three campuses," explained Musick, Ed.D.

The proposed bond includes $55 million in improvements for things like: fixing space issues at the gyms at Navasota Junior High, new roofs, updated classroom space and getting rid of portable buildings at the high school.

There would be upgrades to the Brosig Auditorium used by the entire district.

The few athletic items on the bond include replacing the high school tennis courts, newer locker rooms and remodeling the Rock Gym.

Some residents we spoke to, worry about the extra taxes.

For a $100,000 home it would mean about $127 a year extra in taxes.

Helen Lattimore, who has lived in Navasota for nine years, thinks residents will be mostly supportive.

"If it's something that's going to be a big benefit for them, yes. I mean you know nothing is going down, everything is going up so it takes money and revenue to keep everything in tact," she said.

Navasota hasn't had a bond issue for its schools since 2004.

"We've got some buildings that are 42 years old and 30 years old," said Musick.

The second part of the proposed bond is for more than $6 million dollars. This second addition part of the bond would help refinance three existing debts and free up about $800,000 a year for a nine year period.

If approved residents 65 and older would be exempt from higher taxes.

Navasota also offers an additional, optional exemption for 20 percent of home value for every homeowner in the district.

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