Neighbors worried about safety after DWI crash

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Residents in Bryan are speaking out after an overnight crash in their neighborhood.

Neighbors say just after 11:00 p.m. Thursday, a driver turned a corner on Brompton Lane at a high speed and crashed into a SUV that was parked in front of a home. That vehicle was flipped on its side from the impact.

Neighbors say the man tried to drive away, but when the vehicle stopped working, he got out and ran.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested Clayton Wyatt, 33, of Bryan. He was charged with Driving While Intoxicated, his second DWI charge.

Mary Kay Clanton has lived on Brompton Lane for nearly seven years. She says this accident isn’t the first time they have had issues with drivers speeding in their neighborhood.

"This happens a lot that people are speeding so fast. My neighbor has told me of other incidents here in the same area where people’s cars have been hit and it’s just terrible,” said Clanton.

Clanton babysits kids of all ages and says she doesn’t feel comfortable taking them outside to play.

"We are a prime target and so are the neighbors,” said Clanton. “We are afraid they are going to run into our house, hurt someone or kill someone, because kids play and it’s just not safe.”

The City of Bryan says the concerns of these residents have been brought to their attention. After conducting a speed test, the city says it proposed an idea that would include roundabouts to slow traffic in the neighborhood. The city says the idea was turned down by residents.

After Thursday night’s crash, residents on the street say they are heading back to the city with more ideas.

"They need to put in speed bumps and slow people down so we can enjoy life, we can go out in our yard. It's not even safe to walk out here in the yard and play where you normally could because you never know if someone is going to come around that corner too fast,” said Clanton.

Residents say they plan to take this matter up at the next city council meeting.