What will College Station's Midtown area look like?

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - College Station has big plans for a new city center. They expect the Midtown area will feel like a downtown.

It's an area near Highway 6 and the eastern part of Rock Prairie Road.

As KBTX explores what our area will look like from 2020 and beyond, News 3 has a first look at what the city wishes for.

Midtown will be a place for housing, retail, offices and recreation.

"This is a zoom in of that area with the amphitheater, the great lawn over here it'll be a flat area for throwing a football or Frisbee. This is the YMCA area with the resort pool looking out over the lake," said James Murr with Impact Companies, as he showed some plans. He's the developer for it.

It's a project they've been planning for eight years. They plan to have lots of green space including a possible YMCA or similar community center. He gave KBTX a tour behind the barricades of the new Lakeway Drive. That road is expected to open in a few weeks.

"The intent is to build the future downtown. I mean it's called Midtown because of its location in the middle of the city. But yeah it's a downtown-like environment for the City of College Station," he said.

The acreage will be completely transformed as part of the Midtown project. There will be a hotel around a lake area as well as recreation space and even paddle boarding and kayaking. The developer also plans to have a dog park and recreational trails.

"It's huge as far as the development and evolution of College Station," said Mayor Karl Mooney of College Station.

The city is also planning to build eight diamond fields for softball and baseball. Phase one will cost about $10 million for the first four fields. The city staff said construction will take about a year once it begins. They expect the project to go out to bid by late summer.

"This will be a state of the art park; LED lighting, it'll have space for getting teams set up and getting ready to go out in the field and bullpens and everything else that you can possibly imagine," said Mooney.

"The other part of this is going to be the proximity that this will have to the YMCA, to the rec center however we end up finally naming it," he said. "And of course that will include recreational pools and at our most recent city council meeting we even took a a look at possibility of including a natatorium as part of that," Mooney said.

The mayor said some of the details are still being sorted out.

“We will need to determine who all the partners are going to be in that before we can really say how it’s going to be funded," he said.

"We think it's going to be just a huge, huge impact for the City of College Station for the next 100 years," said Murr.

The project will also include around 700 homes. That portion will start in May.