New Monopoly game encourages players to cheat

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In trending news this morning, Monopoly is releasing a game that encourages players to cheat and Facebook users are on the site less.

First up, Monopoly is releasing a special 'cheaters' edition of the classic game. In this version, fans are encouraged to play dirty. The goal is to not get caught.

'Insider' reports the new game will include several tasks for players to complete. If you can successfully cheat your way to get them done, you'll get rewards. But if you get caught, you could end up wearing a handcuff that literally chains you to the game. The Monopoly Cheaters Edition is expected to be released this fall.

Also trending, Facebook users are spend less time on the site. Mark Zuckerberg described 2017 as "a hard year" for the company Wednesday. The Facebook CEO told investors tweaks made to the site's content has led to a five percent drop in the total amount of time users spend on it.

Decline is said to come from a decision to show fewer viral videos in the news feed. This is the first time Facebook has reported a decline in daily users both in the U.S. and Canada.