New Zealand Police release funny recruitment video

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - In trending news this morning, New Zealand Police are getting attention for a funny recruitment video, a model trips on the runway, and "Big Bad Santa" has a heart of gold.

First up, a funny New Zealand Police recruitment video has garnered international attention for it's cheerful nature. The action-packed campaign is a comedic take on policing and is designed to boost law enforcement numbers and make New Zealand "the safest country in the world".

A model took a spill on stage during the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It was pre-taped last week in Shanghai and there were rumors the blunder would be cut out when the show aired on network television last night.

Not only did they show the fall, but they included the producer commentary and followed the action backstage. Chinese model Ming Xi got tangled in a flowy ensemble and hit the catwalk. She recovered with a smile and applause from the audience.

You'd better watch out because this Santa has been pumping iron. Albie Mushaney is a competitive weightlifter from Salem, Oregon. He goes by "Big Bad Santa," and has gained quite a following. His YouTube fitness videos have been profiled by ESPN and Men's Fitness.

He's also launched a charity initiative called "Operation Big Bad Santa." The program raises money to buy Christmas presents for children of wounded veterans.