New details about the cobra snake found in College Station

Published: Apr. 29, 2018 at 1:26 PM CDT
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The College Station woman who found a cobra in her backyard says it's possible it belonged to one of her neighbors.

The foot-long, young albino monocled cobra was discovered around 4:30 p.m. Friday at the Gateway Villas apartment homes on Forest Drive near University Drive.

"Me, my roommates and my boyfriend were outside in the backyard working on some projects and we saw the snake come through the wooden fence from our neighbor's yard," said the resident who asked to keep her name private.

"Our neighbors have been spotted holding snakes before," she said. "So, there is suspicion that it is a neighbor's pet."

College Station police and animal control officers responded to the residence to retrieve the snake. In a news release on Friday, officers said the snake "behaved aggressively" and is now deceased.

"The snake was removed and Animal Control is attempting to locate the owner to ensure they are in good health," said the news release.

KBTX reached out Sunday to both police and animal control officers for an update on the search for the snake's owner.

"We live in a pretty active neighborhood, so I am thankful no pets or kids were harmed when the snake was loose," said the resident.

"We hope whoever owned the snake will come forward and do the right thing. Hopefully that’s the only snake we will have to worry about going forward."

Animal Control is asking that if anyone has information regarding ownership of the snake to please contact the College Station Police Department at 979-764-3600.

The ownership of venomous snakes is prohibited by College Station City Ordinance Sec 6-7 as follows: “Class Reptilia. Family Elapidea (coral snakes, cobras, and mambas).”