New emojis offer wide variety of hair styles and colors

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In trending news this morning, new emojis have been announced, plus a polydactyly cat has a lot of digits, and an Illinois high school has a record breaking amount of twins.

First up, the Unicode Consortium announced 157 new emoji options would be coming later this year. The latest collection includes a cupcake, lobster, pirate flag and more expressive smiley faces.

Emoji will soon have a variety of new hairstyles, such as curly or bald, and more hair color options such as red and white. There will also be more animals. According to Unicode, smartphone users can expect the new emojis to be released in August or September of this year.

Also trending, a Minnesota cat has 28 toes. Paws has three extra on each forepaw and one extra on each back paw. Her extra digits are a tie for the Guinness World Record for most toes on a cat.

Cats with extra toes are called "polydactyly cats." They're also nicknamed "Hemingway cats," after the famous writer, who had one extra toe himself.

Lastly, an Illinois high school is seeing double, and triple! That's because there are 44 sets of twins and one set of triplets all in the same grade.

The sophomore class at New Trier High School sets a new world record. The group breaks the previous record held at Hillcrest Middle School, where several of the students previously attended.