New genetic test can help in the fight against breast cancer

Every 13 minutes, a woman dies from breast cancer.
This year alone, more than 252,000 new cases are expected to be diagnosed in the U.S.

But, there has been a recent breakthrough in genetic testing for those at risk of developing breast cancer.

The test is called riskScore and it's designed to predict a woman's 5-year and lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

Dr. Ora Gordon is a nationally recognized expert in hereditary cancer.

She joined us on First News at Four to talk about the breakthrough.

More information:
The general population risk for developing breast cancer is less than 12 percent (1 in 8 women), while the risk of developing breast cancer with a hereditary BRCA gene mutation increases up to 87 percent.

Hereditary mutations are extremely rare – approximately 10 percent of women test positive, which means 90 percent of women undergoing hereditary cancer testing will receive a negative result.

With the introduction of riskScore, patients that received a negative genetic result with the Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer test can now have a 5-year and lifetime assessment of their unique risk of developing breast cancer.

By looking at 86 different genetic markers called SNPs (snips or single nucleotide polymorphisms), combined with family history and clinical risk factors (i.e. obesity, age of menarche, etc.), the precision medicine tool provides patients with a personalized risk of breast cancer.

For more information watch the video included in the link above.