Glitch in iPhone update sends phones on the fritz

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In trending news this morning, there's a weird glitch with the new iPhone update and some new parade balloons take a test flight to prepare for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

First up, iPhone users say when they type a lower case "i," the phone's auto correct feature changes it to an uppercase "A" with a question mark symbol. The bug appears to be impacting iPhones with the new iOS 11.1 software. Apple said in an online post on Monday that a future update should fix the error.

If you just cant wait for that, here's what you can do: Go to settings, general, keyboard, text replacement, and tap the plus sign.

In "phrase," type an uppercase "I." In "short-cut" type a lowercase "i." This overrides the autocorrect so that every time you type a lowercase "i" it will change to an uppercase "I." That should fix the problem until Apple makes a permanent one.

Also trending, some new faces are preparing to make their debut at this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. If your kids love Paw Patrol, they'll enjoy seeing Chase in this year's annual parade.

The beloved Paw Patrol character is just one of several new balloons to debut this Thanksgiving along with Olaf from the movie Frozen, Jett from Super Wings, and a new version of the Grinch. With less than 3 weeks until parade day, the balloons are going on test flights to prepare.