New helicopter footage shows scale of damaged cars at Texas World Speedway

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BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX) - Damaged cars and trucks continue to come to the Texas World Speedway, located just south of College Station.

These vehicles have been damaged due to Hurricane Harvey .

Insurance adjusters are staying busy processing thousands of cars damaged by the storm.

Helicopter footage obtained by News 3 shows the damaged cars filling the race track.

More than 30,000 cars are expected to be here for six months or longer.

Having all these cars here does a couple things: it centralizes all the work for claims adjusters and frees space in the damaged areas.

However, working on claims for all of these cars is a time consuming process.

"What's repairable versus what needs to be replaced -- what's a total loss, that's for the adjuster to ascertain,"said Oliver Sims, who is a claims manager with Anco Insurance in Bryan. "Generally in a flood situation the vehicle is going to be a total loss."

Anco Insurance is handling quite a few claims because of Hurricane Harvey.

Sims says having proper paperwork for consumers is key.

"Original documentation from when you purchased the vehicle is going to be crucial. The adjuster and the carrier are going to want the original copies and you will have to sign it and it'll make a salvage title out of it," he explained.

After a hurricane or natural disaster experts say be cautious when buying your next car.

"Not only in the state of Texas but anywhere for that matter," said Sims. "Vehicle history reports are extremely crucial. Especially after an event like this. See what the vehicle's been through, where it's been, what repairs have been made to it. Those are very important for the consumer."

Sims also says timing is important.

"You want to make sure you get with your carrier as soon as possible," says Sims. "Have the vehicle towed if possible to a shop or to a yard --
that way the adjuster can meet with the shop appraiser and see what needs to be done with the vehicle."

The entire process of getting your car inspected, gathering estimates and then an offer for your loss, typically takes about a week. But it could take longer due to the volume of damaged cars.

Sims also says if you decide to dispute an offer from an insurance company -- do your homework and research cars as close as possible as the one you have a claim on.