New report offers timeline of events for stolen hearse, body dumped case

BRAZOS COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX)- Probable cause reports released by law enforcement on Saturday offer a more detailed timeline of events in one of the most bizarre criminal cases in Brazos County.

All events allegedly took place on Friday, May 19, 2017. These allegations come from the PC report:

5:26 a.m. - Vehicle Stolen
Joe Wilbert, the driver, called police to report his 1995 GMC suburban had been stolen. He said he stopped at the Bryan Food Exchange on Highway 21 in Bryan to purchase a newspaper, and left the keys in the vehicle in the parking lot.

The suburban is a modified hearse that is used to transport deceased persons.

Wilbert works for Stackhouse Mortuary Services and he was contracted to take the body in the vehicle from Daniel and Son Funeral Home in Bryan to a location in Sealy, Texas.

Surveillance video from the store shows a woman jumping into the driver's seat of the vehicle and taking off.

Wilbert on Friday declined to speak with KBTX about the incident.

7:09 a.m. Dumped Body Discovered
A truck driver calls 911 to say he's found a body still attached to a stretcher along the side of the road in the 6900 block of Dick Elliott Road in northeast Brazos County.

According to police, the body and cot had been overturned on the body's right side in the ditch. There was a hospital style ID tag on the right ankle of the body. It had been covered with a cloth with "Daniel and Son" embroidered on the edge. After it was identified, the body was released back to Daniel and Son Funeral Home.

11:47 a.m. Suspects Arrested
Just before noon a deputy with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office in an unmarked vehicle saw the suburban on FM 974 near the Edge community. He saw a female was in the driver's seat, and a man was in the passenger seat.

He followed it until the vehicle made a stop and the two suspects swapped seats in the suburban.

After getting back on the road, the vehicle was stopped by deputies.

Tanya Albrecht, 28, was in the passenger seat. Adam Crow, 27, was in the driver's seat. Both were taken into custody.

Interviews and Charges
Both Albrecht and Crow are facing multiple charges including unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Albrecht is also facing a charge of "abuse of a corpse."

Online jail records show both suspects are from Bryan.

During her interview with investigators, Albrecht said she first went to the McDonald's across the street from the Bryan Food Exchange and asked customers in the drive-thru for a ride home.

After failing to get a ride, she says she went across the street to where the suburban was located, and told investigators that she was given permission to borrow it. She also said she didn't know there was a body in the back of the vehicle.

After taking the hearse, she picked up Crow at an apartment complex on E. 29th Street in Bryan.

According to the report, during her interview with investigators, she became defensive and stated that she "didn't give a **** about dead people, and she has no remorse. They are in a better place."