New year, new you? Doctor says, go back to basics for your health goals

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Fad diets and hours in the gym may kick-start your health goals, but a local physician says they may not make the difference in the long run.

Dr. Lon Young from CapRock Health System joined First News at Four to share his knowledge on enacting your new year's resolutions.

- Studies show the longest-living people don't spend hours a day in the gym. While that doesn't hurt, you can also make a big difference by standing more, walking more, riding your bike more, or taking the stairs more.
- Eating healthful food doesn't need to be just about weight loss. It's important for everyone, as it affects everything from mental health to heart health, too.
- In study after study, fad diets have been shown not to work as well in the long run. Instead, focusing on what experts have known to work for decades: mostly plants with seafood or chicken. Make it a lifestyle change.
- Find accountability partners. Whether it's your doctor, nutritionist, spouse, best friend, book club, or online community, make sure there's someone there to hold you accountable for pursuing your goals.

For the full conversation with Dr. Young, see the video player above.