Newly released footage shows 2012 Randy Travis DUI arrest

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In trending news this morning, dash-cam video of a 5-year old Randy Travis arrest has been released, Starbucks opens its largest store yet, and pizza goes to space.

First up, country music superstar singer Randy Travis was arrested for driving while intoxicated after he crashed his car in August 2012. Dash-cam video of the arrest was released on Friday. In the video you can hear a naked Travis refusing to cover up with a blanket, and attempting to run away from police. The singer was sentenced to probation and rehab for the crash.

Also trending, Starbucks is increasing its global footprint in a big way. The company is opening its largest location yet in Shanghai and it's a coffee paradise. Starbucks says the shop includes hundreds of baristas and pays homage to Chinese culture. It features freshly baked goods. Customers can even watch the entire roasting process. The location is Starbucks' second "Reserve Roastery" in the world.

Lastly, astronauts on the international space station got to enjoy a quick pizza fix in zero gravity. During a live-stream event, astronaut Paolo Nespoli mentioned to his boss how much he missed pizza. All the necessary ingredients were sent up to the ISS and what came back was this video of the crew prepping pies for movie night.