Official: 6 weekend tornadoes confirmed in the Brazos Valley

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FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX) - The National Weather Service has released the complete details from storm surveys following weekend tornadoes across the Brazos Valley.

Over three days, meteorologists have been in Robertson, Leon, and Houston County looking at storm damage and radar data to determine how many tornadoes touched down Saturday.

The final number checks in at 6 confirmed across the three-county area.

Details on the three tornadoes that touched down in Houston County can be found here.

Final details were released Monday evening about the Robertson and Leon County tornadoes. Those findings are below:

• Tornado #1 - Milam / Robertson Counties
Strength: EF-3
Peak Wind: 140mph
Length: 32.63miles
Width: 250 yards
Start: 10:50am, 6 miles northwest of Hearne in Milam County
End: 11:45am, 4 miles south / southwest of Marquez in Leon County.

The survey team determined that this tornado first formed just west of the Brazos River in extreme eastern Milam County. The tornado moved east / northeast, crossing highway 6 approximately 4.5 miles north of Hearne. EF-1 damage was identified at one structure near this highway crossing, and considerable tree damage consistent with EF-1 intensity tornadic winds were observed along the highway right of way. The tornado then proceeded east / northeast to Franklin.

The most significant damage occurred in the city of Franklin. Within a two-block-long corridor on the south side of town, the team confirmed EF-3 intensity tornado damage at two residences. Peak wind speeds at these sites were estimated at 140mph. A number of additional structures on the south side of Franklin exhibited EF-1 and Ef-2 intensity damage.

The tornado continued from Franklin east / northeast along Highway 79, crossing the Navasota River into far Western Leon County. The path width of the tornado contracted to about 100-200 yards over Eastern Robertson County, and damage was mainly EF-0 in intensity, confined mainly to snapped tree trunks and large branches. The tornado dissipated in extreme Western Leon County, southwest of Marquez.

• Tornado #2 - Leon County
Strength: EF-1
Peak Wind: 100mph
Length: 11.22 miles
Width: 150 yards
Start: 12:12pm, 4 miles east of Buffalo
End: 12:19pm, 3 miles southeast of Jewett

The supercell thunderstorm that spawned the significant EF-3 tornado in Robertson County tracked into Leon County and produced a second tornado with EF-1 intensity damage. This tornado formed in a heavily forested area 3 miles southeast of Jewett. Several residences and outbuildings were impacted by the tornado in the central part of the county. Two residences along Leon County Road 363 lost small portions of roof material, with winds estimated around 100mph. The tornado crossed I-45 about 5 miles. south of Buffalo, snapping trees along the interstate right-of-way. The tornado dissipated approximately 4 miles east of Buffalo.

• Tornado #3 - Southwestern Robertson County
Strength: EF-0
Peak Wind: 85mph
Length: 2.3 miles
Width: 50 yards
Start: 11:14am, 10 miles south / southeast of Hearne
End: 11:19am, 9 miles south / southeast of Hearne

A brief EF-0 tornado was confrmed by three videos just east of Mumford. No damage was reported as the track stayed in open farmland.