On World Spay Day, Aggieland Humane Society is addressing feral fertility

While getting your own pet spayed or neutered is important, it can be a drop in the bucket when thousands of 'community cats' are still roaming the streets.

"Female cats can start having litters at a remarkable young age," said Darby Kolle with Aggieland Humane Society, "and they can have a lot of them throughout their lifetime."

In fact, one cat's descendants can number about 60 in one year.

That's why AHS has begun its Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program.
For a dollar a day, community members can rent a humane cat trap, capture a feral cat, and bring it to AHS to be spayed or neutered for only $5. Then, the feline is released back to its home area.

Kolle says it's one way to participate in managing the "community cat" population where you live.

For more from Kolle, see the video player above.