On this day in 2005: Hurricane Rita makes landfall

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SEPTEMBER 24th, 2018 - On this day in 2005, Hurricane Rita made landfall just east of Sabine Pass. Rita was the 4th named storm to make landfall during the 2005 season, and the 3rd hurricane to strike the US.

Rita was the fourth most intense hurricane on record in the Atlantic Basin as the time, and the most intense hurricane ever observed in the Gulf of Mexico. At peak intensity, Rita had maximum sustained winds of 180 mph and a minimum pressure of 895 mb. Rita was sixth all time in terms of maximum wind speeds, being beat out by Allen, the Labor Day Hurricane, Gilbert, Wilma, and Irma.

Rita made landfall as a Category 3 Major Hurricane near Johnson's Bayou, Louisiana, between Sabine Pass, Texas and Holly Beach, Louisiana. Rita had maximum sustained winds of 120 mph at landfall.

Wording from the National Hurricane Center early on the morning of September 24th, 2005 as Rita made landfall

Rita near peak intensity in the central Gulf of Mexico on September 22nd, 2005.

Rita caused $12 billion in damages and a state of disaster was declared in 9 Texas Counties and 5 Louisiana Parishes as a result of the devastation.