Original Gerber Baby meets her current successor

In trending news this morning, the oldest and youngest Gerber Babies meet for a priceless photo opportunity, plus a photogenic tornado is caught on camera, and a Chinese policeman helps his elder cross the street.

First up, a photo of the original Gerber Baby meeting the current Gerber Baby has gone viral. 91-year-old Ann Turner Cook took a picture with 1-year-old Lucas Warren on Saturday.

Cook's iconic baby image became Gerber's official logo in 1931. In 2010, the company began its annual tradition of taking photo submissions for the next spokes-baby. Warren made history this year when he became the first baby with down syndrome to be a Gerber brand ambassador.

Also trending, amazing video captures a tornado touching down near Laramie, Wyoming.

The National Weather Service's Cheyenne office tweeted photos of a well-established, gray funnel cloud moving over the prairie at about 15 miles per hour, adding, "As picturesque as it may look, we ask that you take shelter now. No picture is worth getting hurt." There was no immediate word on damage or injuries.

Lastly, surveillance footage in southwest China captured a senior citizen attempting to cross a road with two walking sticks Monday. He was halfway across the busy intersection of the six vehicle lanes when the traffic lights turned green.

None of the vehicles moved and instead waited for the elderly pedestrian. A policeman later approached the man and carried him on his back as they both crossed the road safely.