PETA uses local church to protest Texas A&M

Published: Mar. 6, 2018 at 8:09 AM CST
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PETA continues to protest Texas A&M University, but the group is getting more creative in their messaging.

Protesters projected a message onto the the A&M United Methodist church Friday night. The message said "TAMU stop cruel dog tests."

A number of church goers say they were upset by PETA's act.

Reverend Preston Greenwaldt told KBTX he did not give PETA permission to post their message and asked them to leave when he was notified.

In a statement from PETA, the organization said they provided the message to local supporters who used this "clever way of letting the public know Texas A&M is harming dogs in cruel Muscular Dystrophy experiments."

The university has denied claims of animal abuse multiple times.

The College Station Police Department says PETA's act if projecting a message onto a building is legal, because it's protected speech and was projected from a public right of way.