Panda named Le Le predicts Super Bowl LII winner

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In trending news this morning, a panda predicts the Super Bowl winner, Von Miller gets his own show, and wallaby is rescued in Australia.

First up, according to a panda at the Memphis zoo, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl on Sunday. The giant panda, named Le Le, made his pick Thursday morning. Zoo keepers put flags up in Le Le's enclosure. He makes a "choice" by tearing down the flag.

Le Le doesn't have the best track record. Officials say he's just one-and-three in his Super Bowl choices.

Also trending, Aggie superstar and former Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is getting his own show on Facebook! "Von Miller's Studio 58" gives fans an up-close look at the Bronco star's off-season adventures.

And there are some familiar faces making appearances. You might remember Tony Jerod-Eddie and Cyrus Gray from their time at A&M. The show will features eight episodes and airs Wednesdays on Facebook Watch.

Lastly, ferry crew members in Australia rescued a wayward wallaby swimming in the Sydney Harbour. They roped a loop around the animal to pull him aboard. Earlier this month, a different wallaby was seen hopping across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.