Patriotic gender reveal honors fallen father

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In trending news this morning, a patriotic gender reveal honors a fallen father, plus an Oklahoma man live streams his wild police chase, and footage of a Go-Pro is going viral after it was engulfed in lava.

First up, on Veterans Day you usually see the colors red, white and blue, but people celebrating with Cassie Lohrey saw pink. She chose veterans day to reveal the gender of her baby, whose father, Navy Corpsman Ryan Lohrey died in a military plane crash in July.

Sarah gathered a group of marine and navy corpsmen who'd served with Ryan to help her with reveal the baby's gender in a grand and bittersweet fashion. The baby girl is due in March, and will be named Ryan in honor of her father.

Also trending, a man lead officers on a wild chase in and around Oklahoma City for hours on Friday. For nearly three hours, police chased 25 year-old Brenton Hager, and he shared some of his final moments as a free man on Facebook Live.

Hager eventually got stuck when he backed into a pond. He started running, but was tazed by police and taken into custody.

Lastly, a tour guide in Hawaii was leading a tour of a volcanic rock formation when he set his GoPro down. He says he got distracted telling a story and forgot about the camera, which eventually became engulfed by hot lava.

The camera's exterior was completely melted, but amazingly, the SD card survived, allowing him to play back the footage. The video has since gone viral, leading skeptics to question its authenticity. The tour guide says it was just an honest accident that produced an amazing story.