Penguins use special valentines as mating ritual

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In trending news this morning, penguins get in the Valentines Day spirit, plus a popular card game is getting a sequel and Jack Daniels is dipping into the coffee grind.

First up, biologists at the California Academy of Sciences handed out heart-shaped felt material to the museum's African Penguins this week. But the valentines aren't just for show. The birds actually use the cloth as nesting material to help attract mates and to help keep the mates they already have happy.

The nesting project is part of a species survival plan the academy created to help grow the African Penguin population which is endangered in the wild.

Also trending, the popular card game "Uno" is getting a sequel! Mattel is launching a new card game in March, dubbed "Dos".

It will have similar rules as "Uno", except players will make two piles of cards, and can put down two cards at a time instead of one. It comes as the company tries to revive interest in traditional, non-digital games.

Lastly, Jack Daniels has partnered with World Coffee to combine their favorite flavors in a cup of Joe. The 100% Arabica coffee is infused with the signature Old Number 7 but the blend is non-alcoholic. The coffee is sold at World Market.