Pests invading indoors during the summer heat

Published: Jul. 19, 2017 at 6:24 PM CDT
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As the temperatures heat up, people aren't the only ones seeking indoors for cooler air. There's a higher risk for bugs entering your home.

"The two things they are looking for in homes are food and moisture. It's usually when the weather changes from the high 70's to the mid 80's and 90's. That's really when we see the pest pressure go up," said Bo Jenkins with ABC Home and Commercial Services.

Jenkins says pests target certain parts of your home.

"The door sweeps on the house on the back and front door those are just an obvious highway for pests to go inside. A lot of times the back door will be right next to a kitchen which there you have a water source and food there at the same time. Bathrooms as well it's just that plumbing that runs in and out of the walls it's an easy highway for pests," said Jenkins.

In the Texas summer you are more likely to see roaches, ants, and fleas. The Brazos County Health Department says without prevention methods, these bugs can pose a health risk.

"Obviously roaches carry some illnesses. The places that they stay, the American cockroach lives in the sewers, so you can imagine what can be on those insects," said Don Plitt, Brazos County Health Department Director of Health Services.

He said restaurants also need to be cautious about being infested.

"People coming in and out, doors being opened, flies can get in and then roaches can get in for the water so the summertime is a tough time for restaurants," said Plitt.

Jenkins says while you can take certain precautions to eliminate pests, they're not always avoidable.

"Always having a clean house doesn't hurt, keeping a yard mowed short is a good way but at the end of the day, no house in Texas is safe from pests so we have that phrase guess because you've seen one bug doesn't mean you seen them all."

Some things he does suggests to make sure all water pipe sources are properly sealed. He also says to monitor your door sweeps.

"If you look at a door and look around the corners, anytime you see daylight that's a wide opening for a pest to get inside, our recommendation would be to get more weatherstripping and put that in there that will help eliminate the access point," said Jenkins.

On the outside of your home, insects and other critters can get in the weep holes that are left in the bricks for your house to breathe and release moisture. Jenkins suggests adding copper wool into those spots to keep pests out.