PinPoint Wx Blog: Chance for strong storms Monday, cooler, drier week

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BRYAN, Tex (KBTX) - -------------------------Monday Midday Update---------------------------

At lunch time, storms have popped up and begun to slide to the southeast, right to the northern edge of the Brazos Valley. There are scattered showers ahead of the front, mainly along the I-45 corridor.

We're still watching for the small potential for strong storms. The Storm Prediction Center has shown some model data that depicts a quick shot of higher energy across the western half of the Brazos Valley, which could provide a more favorable environment for storm development once the front reaches that area within the next hour or two. All that being said, the chance for severe weather looks isolated, with strong winds and some hail being the main threats.

A quick step out the front door will hit you with spring in all the senses: green sprouting amid the brown and weeds from a cold winter, mayflies clinging to your door and hovering over your lawn, aroma of fresh cut grass (if you're able to smell through the seasonal allergy flare up), birds chattering at all hours of the day.. and, of course, that wonderful, thick, muggy gulf air. That humidity we know and love is a key ingredient to kicking off severe weather season.

After starting the day near 70°(one degree shy of the average high for early March) we're set to break the 80° mark later today ahead of a cold front. We'll see if all this moisture at the surface can help spark up some thunderstorms later today.

Just ahead of lunch time, storms have already sparked up right ahead of the cold front as it approaches the Brazos Valley, but have been below severe limits. While heavy rain and general lightning and thunder should be the main things we see today, we've got enough ingredients in play for strong to severe storms, with damaging wind being the main threat.

For the most part, this chance for severe weather is fleeting at best. With the front just north of the Brazos Valley ahead of lunch time, we expect heaviest storms to be southeast of the Brazos Valley by or shortly after the drive home this evening.

After the storms today? Sunshine! For now, it looks like plenty of it. We'll get a reinforcing shot of cool air late Tuesday, which will have us waking
up in the 30s and 40s both Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

Afternoon clouds and at least a slight chance for some showers will return as early as Friday, then eyes are on the next cold front / storm chance Saturday. At the moment, the storm chance looks low, but you'll want to stay tuned.

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