PinPoint Wx Blog: Weekend rain chances

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - After coping with it for far too long, we've evicted the cold for the time being. While it packs its bags, says its goodbyes, and migrates east, our old friend "mild" will take the extra bedroom and settle on in for a little bit.

To the chagrin of some, he's decided to bring his buddy "muggy" with him, too. The good news is, we can hopefully get a good soaking out of this whole tenant mix-up.

Showers and a couple storms are moving up the Texas Coast and a little inland this morning, but most activity has been exclusively south of I-10. While we'll be looking a little gloomy with cloud cover, the thought is that most will remain dry. Drizzle to light showers will be scattered at best, with a lucky few getting caught under a soaking downpour late this afternoon.

Out west is our next, and better, shot at rain and storm chances. While we dabble in some scattered showers through Sunday morning, this system will give some Rocky Mountain snow, and then drier and cooler conditions by the end of the weekend and the start of next week.

The biggest factor playing for our rain chances is this front and a pretty good dose of humidity. As the low pressure system swings over the state, we've also got enough energy to work with to power up some thunderstorms, and maybe even get some strong wind gusts as well. As of right now, it looks like things will play out similarly to a couple Sundays ago, with a decent line of thunderstorms and a chance that we see an isolated severe storm gust (60mph+).

The Storm Prediction Center has put a sliver of our area in the "marginal" (1 out of 5) category for severe weather. Simply put, thunderstorms may organize enough along the front to bring some severe wind gusts. That's the only severe potential I see at this point, with enough limiting factors to keep away any organized severe threat for Sunday. Timeline looks to be late afternoon through the evening for the front passing through.

Behind it? Sunshine! We'll rattle off some beautiful days to begin next week, with a touch of chill coming back by Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend!