Planet K has received 10 citations since declaring themselves open for business

Published: Sep. 28, 2018 at 4:36 PM CDT
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Planet K continues to operate their business with out the "OK" from the city of Bryan.

On Friday, the owner held a second press conference asking for the city to let them inside their building. Currently, the adult novelty store is selling merchandise in the parking lot.

The store has obtained a vendors permit, but according to the city they can only operate three days on and one day off.

"Well, I'm sorry we're open 7 days a weeks. It says you can only peddle 21 days in a year, oops I'm sorry I'm open 360 days a year. If we have to be open 360 days out here in the parking lot guess what, we will. We're open for business," said Michael Kleinman, the owner of Planet K.

Planet K has received 10 citations. Those include not having a sign permit, not having a banner permit, not having a building permit, not having an electricity permit, and violating their vendors permit.

The city says the the store's sign was installed without a permit and is larger that what is permitted.

Kleinman says they have no intention of paying them.

"No, and we won't," said Kleinman.

The business has painted over their mural that used to show Aggie related images. Texas A&M and Planet K came to an agreement to remove trademarked logos.

"We hope they are happy that we are keeping their word and hope we accomplished what they wanted," said Kleinman.

A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday to review Planet K's site plans. It is optional for the owner to attend that meeting. The city says they will continue working with the business through the application and permit process.