'Pokemon Go' unleashes its critters in Apple's AR playground

Published: Dec. 20, 2017 at 9:24 AM CST
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"Pokemon Go" is moving into a different dimension on the iPhone, thanks to software that allows the game to play new tricks with its menagerie of digital critters.

An upcoming game update relies on built-in Apple software called ARKit that gives the iPhone's new ways to serve as a portal into augmented reality.

AR is a technology that projects life-like images into real-world settings such as parks and stores.

The new approach announced Wednesday adds depth to the playing field and lets Pokemon monsters grow or shrink to fit their environment. The game's creatures will now flee when they detect sudden movement or if players approach too quickly.

John Hanke, CEO of "Pokemon Go" creator Niantic, says iPhones now offer the best way to play the game.