San Diego Zoo polar bears go diving for dinner

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In trending news this morning, polar bears go fishing, Nokia's banana phone is making a comeback, and a California business owner has a unique solution to a city ban.

First up, the San Diego Zoo released 10 large-mouth black bass into the pool of their polar bear exhibit Tuesday to celebrate International Polar Bear Day. The bears, Tatqiq, Kalluk and Chinook, who were brought into captivity after they were found orphaned in the wild, took to the water to try and retrieve the fish with varying degrees of success.

The Polar bears get to feast on live fish once a month. Usually the three bears are treated to a meat-based diet of fish, cow bones and thawed rabbits.

Also trending, Finnish company HMD is bringing back the Nokia banana phone. The phone was first released in 1996 and features a curved shape and keypad slider. The new version has a slightly larger screen.

It comes in both yellow and black, and has 4G and a handful of apps including Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. The phone will go on sale for $97.

Lastly, the city of Malibu, California has banned plastic straws and utensils. But one restaurant owner is seeing the new limitations as an opportunity.

He says he was inspired to use spaghetti-like pasta with a hollow center. The uncooked noodles have been tested in all types of drinks and customers are supportive of the unconventional idea.