Police: Violent crime decreases by nearly 50% in Bryan in the last decade

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 10:08 PM CST
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As we approach a new decade, a local police department says it's seen nearly a 50 percent decrease in crime in the last ten years, and it's because of your help.

The Bryan Police Department said Part 1 crimes have dropped 49% in the last decade. Some of those crimes include murder, manslaughter, sex offenses, robbery, and aggravated assault.

"When I hear we're down 49 percent in ten years I want it to be zero crime. We're not dancing in the endzone," said Police Chief Eric Buske.

He said the community has played a big part in reducing those crime numbers.

"Maintaining and improving on the support of our community that's reflected in the support we get from the city council through the city administration to give us the resources we need to deal with whatever comes up," said Buske.

As we head into a new decade -- Buske said the department will continue to focus on training.

They now have their own police academy, which he said helps a lot.

From the day they start there, they're being taught how we do it at the Bryan Police Department and I think that's a plus," said Buske.

The department also plans to continue building strong relationships with the people they serve.

"I think we continue what we're doing as our community grows our department has been growing at a pace to kind of keep us update to date on what our population is. I think we keep doing what we're doing. we talk and strategize and keep communication in our department and community and working with everyone to make sure we're a safe city," said Buske.

Buske said in 2020, they'll start receiving extra training on human trafficking.

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