Police investigating Brenham daycare after child left with burns on feet

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 9:53 PM CDT
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A Brenham daycare is at the center of a police investigation after a 1-year-old’s mother says her child was left with 2nd-degree burns to her feet from the pavement on a playground.

Tiffanie Cedillo says it happened on Monday.

"She was screaming when I went to go pick her up,” said Cedillo.

Cedillo says staff at the Wee Care For All daycare in Brenham called her Monday afternoon to say her 16-month-old's feet had been burned.

"She said she was sent out on the playground with no shoes on, because earlier that day she had diarrhea and it went down to her shoes,” recalled Cedillo.

Cedillo used her work phone to record the conversation between her and a daycare employee.

In the recording, you can hear Cedillo ask the employee about the burn.

“Is it bad?" The employee responds "Well it's a little umm… it don't look too good."

That employee agreed to send Cedillo a picture of the child’s feet.

"I was heartbroken when I saw her foot because half of her foot was blistered,” said Cedillo.

She took her daughter to the emergency room, where a doctor told her the burns were second degree.

"It was almost a hundred degrees yesterday,” said Cedillo. “It’s just common sense you don't send kids out barefoot on the playground. My child was neglected and I would like for people to know that.”

KBTX tried to reach the daycare's director; but when we called, a man who answered the phone said he wasn't allowed to take any messages.

The child's mother is planning to take legal action.