Man arrested in connection with Bryan robbery, officer shooting

Rafeal Ginn (left) and Jonathon Bradley (Photos from Brazos County Sheriff's Office and Grimes...
Rafeal Ginn (left) and Jonathon Bradley (Photos from Brazos County Sheriff's Office and Grimes County Sheriff's Office)(KBTX)
Published: Dec. 22, 2016 at 3:27 AM CST
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Friday 5:00pm UPDATE: More details have been released about the alleged aggravated robbery that led up to the shooting of Bryan PD Officer Joel Bravo.

According to police documents, officers found the Rafeal Ginn, 31, in lying down in the backseat of a Chevy Tahoe near the scene of the robbery. He was wearing all black, covering his face with his hands, and sweating profusely despite the chilly weather.

Ginn told police that someone he knew called "Jon Jon" had flagged him down earlier in the evening. According to police, Ginn told them Jon Jon wanted a ride, with two other men dressed in all black, to "go goon," which Ginn said means "go rob someone."

Ginn told police he drove the men to the Stripes convenience store on South College Avenue where Jon Jon and the two others got out. Ginn told police he waited by the vehicle. Eventually, Jon Jon returned without the other men. Ginn told investigators that that's when he and Jon Jon saw police. Ginn says Jon Jon ran and Ginn himself hid in the backseat--where police later found him.

According to police, the Stripes clerk says two men dressed in all black entered the store, one brandishing a handgun, demanded all the cash from the registers and left.

Police say they had Ginn identify "Jon Jon" on Facebook as "Jon Jon Bradley. Police then matched the Facebook profile of Jon Jon Bradley with a driver's license photo and record of Jonathan Deshawn Bradley, 31.

Officially, police tell KBTX they are not releasing any information about persons of interest in this case.


Friday 9:13am UPDATE: Bryan police have released the name of the officer that was shot early Thursday morning. He is Officer Joel Bravo. Officer Bravo is an 11-year veteran of the Bryan Police Department who is currently assigned to the Night Patrol Division.


UPDATE 5:40pm: Bryan Police make an arrest connected to officer-involved shooting Thursday morning.

Rafeal Antoine Ginn, 31, is being charged Aggravated Robbery, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Evading Arrest/Detention, Resisting Arrest, and Attempting to take a Weapon from a Peace Officer.

Bryan police aren't confirming whether or not this man is the one responsible for shooting their officer.

Police say that while searching the perimeter early Thursday, they spotted a man inside a Chevy Tahoe. According to police, the man inside the vehicle matched the description of a suspect from the robbery. According to police documents, when officers approached the SUV, the man was sweating profusely, despite the cold weather.

Bryan investigators say that because an officer had been shot, they ordered the man to exit the vehicle and put his hands on the roof. Police say the man refused and tried to run. Within moments he was tackled by officers. During the struggle, the man reached for an officer's patrol rifle.

Bryan police showed full force early Thursday morning in neighborhoods surrounding South College Avenue.

Around 1 a.m., law enforcement sources tell KBTX that four men robbed the Stripes convenience store. Those sources say one of the men was armed with a gun.

"Officers went into the area checking for suspects," said Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske. "We know that there was more than one robber. Right now it appears that one person shot at the police officer."

Buske says the officer was treated and released from the hospital early in the morning as the search for suspects continued.

"Officers confronted a potential suspect," said Buske. "That suspect fired at an officer, striking the officer; however, fortunately, the officer was wearing a ballistic vest, which prevented any serious injury."

Police set up a command post for part of the day. Just after noon, South College Avenue reopened to traffic while nearby streets stayed shut down.

While Bryan police said there was no threat to the public, they kept passersby away from the shooting area. According to police, this restriction was to allow the time and space needed to process evidence without it being contaminated.

Jesse Huerta lives on Echols Street. He had his car searched as he left for work.

"I didn't find out until actually trying to leave work," said Huerta. "They told me what was going on, and they had to kind of search the vehicle, make sure the guy wasn't hiding in there."

"So it kind of was a little scary, I guess, to come out and see that," said Huerta. "But I think they got everything under control."

"We will continue that search until they are found," Buske said early Thursday morning.

Police say they robbers fled with money from the store.

Police say Officer Bravo is home recovering with his family.



Police are still searching for the man who robbed a gas station and shot a police officer early Thursday morning in Bryan.

The officer survived the shooting thanks to his bullet proof vest, according to the department's police chief.

Bryan Police released a timeline of events surrounding the shooting:

-0117 hours: Bryan Police officers were dispatched to an aggravated robbery at 2000 South College Avenue (Stripe’s Convenience Store). Multiple suspects entered the store, one displayed a firearm. Both suspects were wearing gloves and had their faces covered. The suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of money. No injuries were reported.

-0119 hours: the first Bryan officer arrived at the scene.

-0151 hours: A Bryan detective arrived at the scene.

-0156 hours: a Bryan officer attempted to make contact with a potential suspect near the intersection of Duncan and South College. During this attempt, the suspect shot at the officer, striking the officer’s ballistic vest. The suspect fled from the scene. There were no shots fired by officers.

A perimeter set up by officers before sunrise has scaled down in size and a command post near the crime scene has been closed.

At noon Bryan police said they were still gathering evidence from the crime scene. They do not believe there is any danger to residents in the area.

Multiple law enforcement agencies joined Bryan police before sunrise to begin searching for the gunman and three other men after they robbed the Stripes convenience store in the 2000 block of S. College Avenue.

News 3 has learned through other law enforcement sources that police are looking for four men. They believe that three of the men are Hispanic and one is African-American. The same law enforcement officials believe the African-American suspect is the one who shot the officer.

Law enforcement tell News 3 that the alleged shooter was wearing some type of clothing that made it difficult for the officer to get a good description.

At this time, Bryan Police haven't released any information about suspects.

A reverse 911 call was made to all residents in the active search area. Residents in these neighborhoods who need to leave are asked to exit toward the closest boundary.

According to Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske, the officer has been treated and released from a hospital.