Pope Francis' new Lamborghini will help charities worldwide

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In trending news this morning, Pope Francis gets a fancy new set wheels, a Da Vinci painting fetches a hefty price tag, and a Seattle dad creates a Harry Potter scene in his driveway for a good cause.

First up, Italian luxury car maker Lamborghini donated a custom car to the Pope earlier this week. The car has been customized with the papal colors of gold and white.

But don't think Pope Francis is going to keep the wheels! The car will be auctioned by Sothebys and the proceeds will go to three charities sustained by Francis. Some of the funds will go to a city in Iraq where Isis had forced Christians to flee. Another portion of the funds will benefit victims of human trafficking and finally some of the money will go toward aiding African women and children.

Also trending, a painting that was originally sold in 1968 for just $60, has now fetched hundreds of millions of dollars. That piece of art fetched $450 million on the auction block in New York last night.

It turns out the painting was the work of Leonardo da Vinci. The rare painting, titled "Salvator Mundi" or "Savior of the World," smashed auction records. It's one of only a few da Vinci pieces that still exist.

Lastly, a Seattle dad's woodworking project has turned into something truly magical. Jonathan Chambers built a life-size version of "Diagon Alley" in his driveway. It's a recreation of the magical shopping street from the "Harry Potter" movies.

Chambers raised thousands for the project on social media. With some help from area residents, he built it in just 17 days. Thousands have visited the wizarding mini-world since it opened for Halloween. And Chambers is using the project's popularity to raise funds for local schools, as well as pancreatic cancer research