Postponed action on stealth dorms sparks mixed reactions

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Bryan City Council's decision to postpone consideration of the plan to regulate stealth dorms has created mixed reactions in the community.

A representative for local real estate developers told KBTX that after the postponement, they're looking forward to working with Bryan Planning and Zoning on an updated version of regulations.

The representative also said that developers in the area were unhappy with city's use of the term stealth dorm, and would not work with any plan that referred to those developments in that way.

The initial proposal approved by Planning and Zoning defined the stealth dorms as 'Detached Shared Housing', and looked to replace the other terms.

Developers hope to have more input in future proposals brought before city council.

On the other hand, some residents who oppose the rentals feel the delay shows that council worries more about the concerns of the developers and less about the citizens.

"The citizens of Bryan should come first. It appears that the developers can do just about anything they want," said Bryan resident Roger Sheridan. "The city should go into the neighborhood and ask the citizens of Bryan. What impact would stealth dorms have on their lives."

Bryan Planning and Zoning says they have received a large amount of public feedback when formulating the first proposal.

City council will consider an updated plan on stealth dorms session in January.