Poultry Industry is Booming

The U.S. Poultry Industry is booming and while there are only six universities across the country that have Poultry Science Departments, Texas A&M’s is the largest. The Poultry Industry is also hiring, and you might be surprised at who it is they’re looking for. Audrey McElroy is a Professor and Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Poultry Specialist.

“Well, the Poultry Industry has continued to grow every year. So poultry is the number one meat in terms of per capita consumption in the United States which means the more people that eat chicken the more chicken we need to produce and the more people need to be employed to produce that chicken.”

McElroy says that graduates from the Poultry Science Department have a one hundred percent job placement rate.

“They’re hungry. They will hire students not only from Poultry Science, Animal Science, Engineering, mostly any degree you can go to work in the Poultry Industry because you think about the number of processing plants that are out there. You never have to work with a chicken if you want to be employed by the Poultry Industry. There are so many positions that are available. There are a number of students that double major with Poultry Science and Food Science, Poultry Science and Engineering, Poultry Science and Ag Econ, and really any job is available to them that they would like in the industry.”

McElroy points out that many people who work in the industry never come into contact with a chicken.

“You think about everything that goes into it from equipment design, to designing the hundreds of different kinds of chicken nuggets that you can buy at the grocery store. Whether they’re shaped like a dinosaur or stars with sprinkles, all the different teriyaki flavors, all of that comes from some person that’s trained in that area. So it may be some food scientist that has never touched a chicken in their life, but that produces the next product that the consumer’s looking for. You know that easy to prepare, convenient, all that value added type of product, we need people to do all of that. It’s someone who just wants to feed the world, really.”