Pour a glass of wine without removing the cork

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In trending news this morning, CES continues to show new and improved technology, including a wine preservation opener. Also, a father measures his son's growth in a creative and cheesy manner and Australians spot a rare white crocodile.

First up, the Coravin Model Eleven wine preservation opener was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It lets you pour a glass of wine, while keeping the cork in place. The bottle stays sealed, which can preserve the remaining wine for years.

The Coravin Model Eleven should be available in the fall. It will cost a well-preserved penny under $1,000.

Also trending, a Philadelphia father started using the sandwiches to measure his son at just 2-weeks old. What started out as a joke, turned into a monthly tradition that he called "Cheesesteaks for Scale."

As his son, Lucas, got bigger, the sandwiches seemed to get smaller. Fast forward to two years of age, and Lucas wasn't having it any more.

Lastly, A rare white crocodile named "Pearl" made an appearance for tourists on a crocodile sighting tour boat in Australia's Adelaide River in the Northern Territory on Monday.

According to a Wildlife Guide who spotted Pearl for the first time 5 weeks ago, the white crocodile suffers from a condition known as hypomelanism. Pearl is not technically albino, but the guide says it is vulnerable because it's different than other crocs.