Preparing for Kolache Festival with Jake's Bakery

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Caldwell, Tex. (KBTX) - Caldwell, Texas is known as the “Kolache Capital of Texas,” and on September 14, the town is the home to the 35th Annual Kolache Festival.

Ahead of the festival, Christine Campbell of Jake’s Bakery and her family are busy in the kitchen. They are creating dozens of kolaches for locals and visitors, as well as treats to enter into the competition during the festival.

Family and tradition are key for Campbell. She first learned how to make the Czech pastry from her grandmother, Nanny, and family friend, Matilda Kocurek. Today in the kitchen, Campbell is surrounded by generations of her family and friends that help her make large amounts of kolaches the traditional way she was taught every year, especially during the festival time.

“Because the way we doing things by hand and not really using a lot of machinery, is kind of lost,” said Jake’s Bakery co-owner, Christine Campbell. “You have a lot of people in the community that do what I do, but just not on the scale. I mean there are a lot of kids in SPJC that are learning how to make great kolaches, but they just don’t have this platform. So it’s neat to have this platform, and to be able to share it with much more people.”

If you’re looking for Campbell’s kolaches from Jake's Bakery outside of the Kolache festival season, Campbell has a regular full-time job, so you can only get the pastries once a month.

“It’s because my husband and I kind of took this venture on mostly as a service to the community, to preserve the culture, and as a ministry to our community as well, so we do it part-time and we have full-time jobs outside of that and we don’t want to wear ourselves out,” said Campbell.

Jake's Bakery is located at 160 Hwy 36 N in Caldwell.