Preparing your insurance policies for possible bad weather

As activity continues in the tropics, families in the Brazos Valley can prepare themselves for the possibility of bad weather, whether a hurricane, flooding, or another natural disaster.

Oliver Sims with Anco Insurance joined First News at Four to discuss what you need to know about your insurance policies before disaster strikes.

Anco Insurance's recommendations include:
- Make sure your policies are in good standing. Call your insurance company and make sure there is no issue with your coverage.

- In some areas, mostly coastal areas, wind damage will not be covered in your home insurance. Double-check to make sure your coverage includes wind damage.

- No home insurance policy covers flooding from a natural disaster. Find out if you live in a flood plain and need separate flood insurance.

- Be aware of your timeline. Many insurance companies will place a moratorium on new policies within the days before bad weather hits and area. Flood insurance can take 30 days to kick in.

For the full conversation with Sims, see the video player above.