President Bush flies over College Station one last time

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) Wednesday afternoon, the aircraft that sometimes functions as Air Force One flew under the name “Special Air Mission 41” in honor of Bush 41.

The plane, carrying President Bush's remains, came in low over the Bush Library before heading to Houston.

It was a sight many across the Brazos Valley wanted to see.

Patrick Patke, a freshmen at Texas A&M, was willing to be late to his next class to pay his respects to the former President.

“George Bush loved this university as much as I do, and he loves this nation. It’s a very honorable and special moment for all of us,” said Patke.

Observers like Emily Greco clapped and took time to take in in what they experienced.

“It was really nostalgic just to see that plane, because I know how much he loved coming here, and it was really wonderful and symbolic to have that come back one more time,” said Greco.