Private investigator shares how to spot hidden cameras

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 9:17 PM CDT
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With today’s technology surrounding us at all times, a local private investigator says hidden recording devices can be virtually anywhere.

Ken Ringo operates his private investigator's office out of Bryan. He says he has found many types of hidden cameras, in both public and private places.

"Cameras nowadays can be the size of a quarter. They are so tiny, and all it takes is just the minimalist of power and then a micro SD card to make it function,” said Ringo.

Ringo says he has found them in people’s headboards, electrical outlet and air vents.

"I have also found them in smoke detectors to where it was still a functioning smoke detector and there was one little spot a little black hole that had a camera in it,” said Ringo.

Ringo says he has even seen them in cell phone chargers. But he says you can buy devices that can detect radio frequency, alerting you to a potential hidden camera.

Ringo also suggests changing your Wi-Fi password often to keep people from accessing your computer's camera.

"Be careful who you let into your residence and be careful where you go. Privacy is the hardest thing to keep and the most precious if it’s lost,” said Ringo.

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