Property managers concerned about decrease in rent payments due to COVID-19

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Local property managers say they're concerned about the impacts of COVID-19, especially with evictions.

Carolyn Pinson owns Texas Crosswinds Realty and says as soon as the pandemic hit, she reached out to her tenants.

“I sent out a letter before I got a letter from the Texas Association of Realtors that said if anyone needs assistance during this time, please reach out to me. Communication is key,” said Pinson.

The property manager says some did reach out and they were able to work out payment plans with the owners and tenants.

“I do have a few tenants that have not set up a payment plan. Those tenants will not cooperate, will not let you into their homes. They will not make any sort of payments,” said Pinson.

Last week, Justice of the Peace Rick Hill said that eviction proceedings won't be happening until after June 1.

“The property manager is out that money. The owner is out that money, yet we still have bills coming in that we have to pay,” said Pinson.

To help residents pay their rent, Ron Crozier with Twin City Mission says they have been offering rental assistance.

“We came up with an application to help determine these families that are indeed challenged with coming up with rent, or about to be past due on their utilities,” said Crozier.

Crozier says they are focusing their efforts on households that have been directly affected by COVID-19. So far, six applications have been sent in, and they plan to begin cutting checks Friday.

Pinson says her goal is to avoid evictions but knows they are part of the job.

“It’s not a free ride on the rent. It's unfortunate, and I wish I could waive it for everyone, including myself, but that’s not how it works,” said Pinson.

If you or someone you know is in need of rent assistance or any other kind of assistance during this time, click here, or dial 2-1-1.