Bryan council to consider Bryan Home Foundation Initiative

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Tuesday the Bryan City Council will hear plans for a proposed program, the Bryan Home Foundation Initiative.

Councilmembers Prentiss Madison and Reuben Marin have been working with Mayor Andrew Nelson to create another option for people living in manufactured homes in mixed-use neighborhoods.

The plan stems from the recent change in a zoning ordinance that restricts where manufactured homes can be placed within the city limits.

"We wanted to also make options available other than manufactured homes so that people could have some options that are safer, better, still affordable, still comparable monthly payments,” said Nelson.

Residents who currently own a manufactured home in mixed-use neighborhoods have the right to replace it with another manufactured home.

Nelson says the Bryan Home Foundation Initiative would help make it more affordable for those who want a site-built home.

"Get help with the demolition of their old manufactured home, get some payment for that manufactured home, eliminate the site fees, eliminate the tap fees,” said Nelson.

He says the new program could help the homeowner financially in the long run.

"You can build equity 30 years after you own a manufactured home. It's not worth nearly as much as when you bought it. For a site built-home, it’s generally worth more," said Nelson.

Residents are not required to participate in the program if it is approved.

"I think it's a great choice. People aren't required to do that. They can still replace their manufactured home with a new manufactured home or they can have this as an option. We wanted to make sure we're giving them choices and helping change lives for the better in Bryan," said Nelson.

Councilmembers will hear the proposal for the initiative at the City Council meeting Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. If approved, city leaders would work with local banks and builders on their efforts.