Witnesses describe a life of trouble, violence for convicted killer

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A troubled life is how witnesses painted the behavior of convicted murderer William Hudson.

Hudson was found guilty of capital murder Tuesday and the punishment phase continued Wednesday in Bryan.

He's accused of killing six people who were camping in East Texas in November 2015.

Now the jury will decide if he should get life in prison or death.

News 3's Clay Falls is live blogging from inside the courtroom.

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The former wife of William Hudson took the stand Wednesday.

She described nightmare situations when she was his wife and when they fought for custody of their daughter.

Catrina Johnston was married to Hudson for several years and they have a daughter together. She talked about his violent temper and problems drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Johnston testified Hudson pointed a loaded shotgun at her head on two separate occasions threatening to kill her. She finally got out of that situation and eventually her daughter didn't have to have visitations with her dad.

They had made attempts to reconcile the marriage but she says "Mitch's" anger and alcoholism continued.

Hudson's former girlfriend Taryn Garcia testified she broke up with him because of his excessive drinking, and after he became upset throwing plates inside his home one evening when her daughter had gotten sick and she was taking care of her.

We also heard from Jailer John Cross with the Anderson County Jail talk about multiple problems with Hudson in custody. Cross said he was kept in segregation and made threats against jail staff.

Other witnesses, including two convenience store clerks, testified about Hudson following a man into a gas station in East Texas and threatening him. Then the man pushed Hudson and a gun fell out of Hudson's pocket, according to the witnesses.

Hudson was tracked down and arrested for assault.

Former Anderson County District Attorney investigator Joseph Willis was the first person to take the stand. Willis says when Hudson was 17 he arrested him for family violence after Hudson threatened to kill his father and himself.

We also learned Hudson was being seen by a psychologist at that time and would have outbursts of anger punching the sheet rock at their home.

The defense argued Hudson's problems weren't being properly managed, and there were limited opportunities for psychiatric treatment. The investigator says he reluctantly had to arrest the teen because they couldn't find a proper treatment facility.

The punishment phase of the trial continues Thursday. Hudson is on trial for two of the six killings. The jury convicted him of killing Carl Johnson and his daughter Hannah Johnson.

All six victims ranged in age from six to nearly 77-years-old. Also killed were six-year-old Kade Johnson, Hannah's longtime boyfriend Thomas Kamp and his two sons; Nathan and Austin Kamp.