Queen theatre kicks off Western matinee series

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A TV Western star made a stop in the Brazos Valley Tuesday afternoon.

James Drury starred in the show the Virginian during the 60’s; his appearance at the Queen Theatre in Downtown Bryan Tuesday was in conjunction with the theatre’s new Western Matinee series.

After the showing, Drury answered questions and signed autographs at Catalena Hatters.

“The theatre's always been the backbone of the community,” said Drury. “It's where people gather, where they get to know each other, where they network. But, they also can be alone with their own thoughts and go along with the willing suspension of disbelief and decide they're going to believe the people that are in front of them."

Drury's appearance was the first of the five dollar Tuesday series. Each week showings will start at 130 p.m.

You can check the full May movie schedule online at www.queenbryantx.com.