Pack of raccoons fall from ceiling of Michigan home

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In trending news this morning, a raccoon family gets evicted from a house, a young fawn goes to law enforcement for help, an a bear gets stuck in a tree.

First up, firefighters and police in Michigan worked together to capture a family of raccoons that fell through a family's living room ceiling.

The mother raccoon put up quite a fight, but an officer was eventually able to use a catch pole to get her in a trap. She and her five babies were all safely removed.

Over in California, a young fawn was caught hiding from highway traffic inside a sheriff's deputy's patrol car. The baby deer's mother was nearby in the woods. It took some coaxing, but the deputies were able to get the fawn out of the car and reunited with its mom.

Lastly, in New Hampshire, a bear was caught on camera hanging out in a tree for several hours in a residential area.

He showed no sign of wanting to come down, so he had to be shot with a tranquilizer dart. But when the drug finally kicked in, the bear only fell to a lower branch. A biologist from New Hampshire Fish and Game climbed a ladder and gave the bear a nudge down into a waiting tarp.

The bear will be located a little further from civilization.