Rain is in the forecast: What you need to know & when

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Eyes are on the Gulf of Mexico. Rain is back in the Brazos Valley's forecast this week. While much-needed water is welcomed by many, there could be flooding concerns by mid-to-late week.

A mess of rain, thunderstorms, and cloudy skies is sitting near the Texas Coast in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. As of 7pm Monday, the National Hurricane Center only holds a low, 20% chance for tropical development before this broad low moves inland over the Middle-to-Upper Texas Coast late Tuesday or very early Wednesday.

Regardless of development, this will be a rainmaker for Southeast and Central Texas. The trick is determining exactly where the low crawls out of the Gulf of Mexico and how slowly it moves north-northeast once it does.

As of Monday night, the general idea of the forecast is a widespread 2" to 4" of rain is possible across the Brazos Valley. Areas of 6" to 8" or more are not ruled out on the east side of this low-pressure center.

• Tuesday brings a few passing showers and rumbles of thunder through the afternoon. Not everyone sees rain.
• Wednesday the low is on the move, soaking Southeast Texas & the Houston area. Some parts of the Southern Brazos Valley could find 1" to 2"+ in the gauge by sunset.
• Thursday is the day that rain is most likely for many of us. This is where flood concerns may materialize if the heaviest corridor of rain sets up in the Brazos Valley. Those along and east of the I-45 corridor currently hold the greatest concern of flash flooding.

More details and a check on the latest is included in the video above.